Complimentary 1-Hour Webinar: Getting Back to the Basics

Employers of all sizes must ensure their background screening process is permissible and in accordance with the FCRA to avoid liability claims and legal exposure. Are you using the proper disclosure forms that are based on your industry and location? Do you know the difference between a database search and county public records search? Do you understand the purpose of a Social Security Address Trace? These questions and many more will be answered during our webinar presentation that will cover the basics that employers must implement and adhere to when conducting employment background screening.

Discussion topics include:

  • Pre-Adverse/Adverse Action process
  • Limitations of database searches
  • Importance of up-to-date consent disclosure forms and notices
  • County level criminal searches vs. Database searches
  • Federal criminal records vs. State-level criminal records
  • Pros and cons of performing social media searches

Facilitator: Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

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