Versik Analytics Settles Class Action Lawsuit

Two Verisk Analytics Inc. units have settled a class action lawsuit brought by job applicants claiming they violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Intellicorp Records Inc. and Insurance Information Exchange LLC have been ordered to pay $18 million dollars to settle three class action lawsuits claiming the companies violated federal law by providing incorrect, […]

Facebook Photo Gets Basketball Coach Terminated

A female high school basketball coach was recently terminated over a photo that was uploaded to her Facebook profile. Laraine Cook, who coached the girls basketball team at Pocatello High School in Idaho, had taken a vacation in July and snapped a photo of herself and her fiancé. That photo is the reason why she […]

Company Fined $34 Million for Violating I9 Forms

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced last week that it has fined Infosys Limited (INFY) $34 million for violating immigration-related status on I-9 forms. The technology, consulting and outsourcing company based in India has been under investigation by the DOJ since May 2011, when it received a subpoena ordering Infosys to disclose records pertaining to […]

How Background Checks Promote a Safe Workplace

Like most people, I like to take few minutes at the end of my day to get caught up on current events. However, when I recently read news which deals directly with my industry, Employment Background Screening, I feel compelled to share my thoughts. CNN recently released an article detailing British Petroleum (BP)’s ongoing cleanup […]

California Passes “Ban the Box” Legislation

Add California to the list of states that have passed a law to “ban the box” (i.e. prohibiting employers’ from asking about applicants’ previous criminal history on a job application). Effective July 1, 2014, Assembly Bill 218 introduced by Sacramento Democratic Assemblyman Roger Dickinson, requires public employers to determine a job applicant’s minimum qualifications before […]

Nevada Now Regulates Use of Credit Reports

Nevada is now the 10th state to regulate employer use of consumer credit reports as part of the background screening process. Senate Bill No. 127 which went into effect on October 1, 2013 states that “Relating of employment practices; prohibiting employers from conditioning employment on a consumer credit report or other credit information; providing remedies […]

Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites on Job Applicants

I’m sure everyone has heard of Twitter, Facebook and Youtube (and if you haven’t, please lift up that rock that you are under). Social Networking Sites have dominated the internet in recent years and continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Social networking powerhouse and industry leader Facebook originally was created for it’s user to […]

USIS Conducting Screening on Navy Yard Shooter

USIS, the federal government contractor who vetted Whistleblower Edward Snowden also screened alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. In 2007, USIS conducted a background check on Alexis for his secret-level clearance. Due to confidentiality requirements USIS has with the federal government, they are prohibited from disclosing the results of Alexis’ background investigation. USIS was originally […]

EEOC Discrimination Lawsuit Dismissed

Score one for the employer! Last week U.S. District Court of Maryland Judge Roger Titus granted Freeman’s motion for summary judgment and dismissed the case of EEOC vs. Freeman. Freeman, a leading integrated marketing solutions provider was slapped with a lawsuit by the EEOC back in 2009. The EEOC claimed that Freeman discriminated against African […]

Equifax to Pay $18.6 Million for Inaccurate Information

Equifax has been ordered to pay 18.6 million dollars after failing to correct inaccurate information on a woman’s credit report. Julie Miller, who resides in the state of Oregon, had spent two years trying to repair her credit report which had information from another consumer on it. Between 2009 and 2011, Miller contacted Equifax eight […]