Background Screening

Understanding the Fair Chance Act

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Understanding the Fair Chance Act With the ever changing landscape of “ban-the-box” laws and Fair Chance Act initiatives, it is time to put all of these convoluted and contradicted laws into perspective. It is not much of a surprise for a movement as important as “ban-the-box” laws to be a bit confusing for employers, […]

Why Background Reports Must be Checked for Accuracy

Kenneth Schustereit was convicted of a misdemeanor theft charge in 1974; however, data brokers incorrectly reported his misdemeanor as a felony. The background check of his criminal report from those data brokers also stated that he spent seven years in prison, when he spent 51 days in county jail. Schustereit is a perfect example of […]

How Background Screening Policies Eliminate Claims of Discrimination

In preparation of our webinar titled, “Save Big Dollars in Legal Fees & Settlement Costs by Implementing a Criminal Background Screening Policy,” we came across a very well written and informative article titled, “You Wanna Background Check Me? Well, Be Careful Where You Look.” The authors of the article, Cindy Hanson and Kali Wilson Beyah, comment on […]