Diversified Investigations helps corporations, municipalities, insurance companies, and law firms reduce risk due to fraud, sexual harassment, workplace violence, and other forms of misconduct to achieve measurable improvements in the work environment.

Diversified Investigations, otherwise known as Diversified Risk Management, Inc. (DRM, Inc.), is a licensed investigation firm operating throughout North America and abroad. As a strategic partner of Employers Choice Screening, Diversified Risk Management offers a broad range of workplace investigation and security consulting services. Our methods are designed to control loss while minimizing exposure. DRM, Inc. assists corporations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and law firms with identifying, mitigating, and responding to risks through a comprehensive suite of professional service offerings.

With an experienced, responsive, and results-driven staff, DRM, Inc.’s proven efforts will assist your organization in managing what it cannot see. A culmination of several years of success, our proprietary strategies produce effective and objective results that withstand scrutiny, so the people in the jury room do not spend your company’s money.

DRM, Inc. continually enables companies to strategically maneuver through the myriad of risks resulting from employee misconduct, crimes against the business, and other challenges frequently encountered in today’s business environment.



diversified forensics

Diversified Forensics is the technology services division of Diversified Risk Management, specializing in digital evidence collection, forensic analysis, data recovery, and preservation, in addition to providing expert witness services.

Diversified Forensics specializes in examining, preserving, recovering, and analyzing data from a variety of electronic devices and storage media.



we-tipWe are pleased to offer a reliable and effective nationwide anonymous hotline reporting service. WeTip is a national nonprofit organization with staffing operators that take anonymous tips from all 50 states including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. For over 33 years, WeTip has taken over 420,000 anonymous calls. The WeTip hotlines are answered by bilingual tip operators 24/7.

A retired law enforcement officer and community leader founded WeTip in 1972. WeTip, a 501 (C)3, non-profit corporation, started in southern California. In 1973, WeTip expanded to offer the hotline to the entire state of California and in 1982, WeTip stretched the program across the United States and has continued to operate nationally for 23 years.

The WeTip phenomenon has affected more lives than anyone will ever know. Thousands of crimes and tragedies have been prevented because citizens became involved by anonymously giving information to one of the four WeTip hotlines.

For more information about WeTip’s Corporate Ethics Hotline, please contact Sue Mandell via phone at (909) 987-5005 ext. 250 or via e-mail at wetipmandell@cs.com.