Program Overview

Employers Choice Screening will offer a referral fee through our affiliate program for every new background screening client in accordance with the considerations below:

Referral fees are payable net 15 calendar days, upon Employers Choice Screening’s receipt of payment from the referred client.

Billing Amount                Affiliate Payment
Up to $10,000                     5%
$10,001 – $20,000            6%
$20,001 – $35,000            7%
$35,001 – $50,000            8%
$50,001 +                         Negotiable

Affiliates will have access to marketing materials to support their promotion of Employers Choice Screening services, and may request in writing, to use Employers Choice Screening logos, service marks, and other copyrighted material, upon approval from Employers Choice Screening.

Due to the nature of our engagements as well as state and federal law requirements, Employers Choice Screening will contract directly with the client, and throughout the project, will communicate with the client and Affiliate regarding all project details, if requested by the Affiliate.


Become an Affiliate

To become a registered Employers Choice Screening Affiliate, simply:

  • Contact Employers Choice Screening at (800) 424-7011 to verify eligibility
  • Complete the attached Affiliate program application
  • Await receipt of your registered Affiliate number


Process for Referring a Project

To refer a project to Employers Choice Screening:

  • Become a Employers Choice Screening Affiliate with a registered identification number (if not already a partner)
  • Present the project to Employers Choice Screening in writing, accompanied by the Affiliate’s registration number
  • Provide Employers Choice Screening with necessary details in the written form (Affiliate Referral form) to contact the client, identify the parties involved, and the nature of the project. Include contact name, position, phone number, E-mail address of contact, complete company name, and business address
  • Presented to Employers Choice Screening


Exclusions & Limitations

Exclusions and limitations to this program include:

  • Project referrals not accompanied by an Affiliate’s registration number
  • Projects for which a client contacts Employers Choice Screening directly before the Affiliate provides the referral
  • Employers Choice Screening pass-through expenses, including but not limited to, county courthouse access fees, state driving history fees, third party verification fees, and related expenses. Such expenses are not included in the final figure from which referral fees will be derived
  • Referrals older than 180 days for which no signed contract has been secured. This time period may be extended at Employers Choice Screening discretion upon request of the Affiliate
  • Project refusal at Employers Choice Screening sole discretion


Other Conditions

Affiliates can be individuals. Affiliate accounts are not required to be business entities. Law firms, HR consulting firms, temporary employment agencies, investigation agencies, and insurance agencies may qualify for the Affiliate program. Employers Choice Screening has full discretion in granting Affiliate registration. Employers Choice Screening can revoke Affiliate status at any time and retains the right to discontinue the program at any time.

Employers Choice Screening reserves the right to change the referral fee percentages, in writing, within a 30 day period. Rules governing this Affiliate Program are subject to current prevailing program terms, which are subject to change without notice.

  1. Referrals are to be submitted in writing via regular mail or e-mail, and should be dated. The date that the referral is received by Employers Choice Screening is the date of the referral. In the event of multiple referrals for the same job, the first referral received by Employers Choice Screening will receive a referral fee
  2. It is the responsibility of the Affiliate to present the correct Affiliate registration number to Employers Choice Screening. A referral not accompanied by the proper registration number may not be compensated


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