Background Screening

How to Background Check a Background Screening Vendor

How to Background Check a Background Screening Vendor

Your organization has wisely decided to take a proactive approach to its hiring practice and implemented an employment background screening program. Now that the decision has been made to start doing background checks, your next step is to find a reputable background screening vendor. In the background screening industry, there is not a specific license needed to provide these services; therefore, businesses need to be careful when selecting a background screening vendor. Choose a reputable company that has the experience and knowledge to provide compliant employment background checks.

Here are a few items to look for when selecting a third-party vendor:

  • Compliant with federal and state laws
  • Compliant disclosure forms, releases, and notices
  • Secure software for ordering, retrieving, and storing reports
  • Legally compliant results
  • Affiliated with respected screening trade organizations
  • Provides disclaimers on database searches
  • Member of any industry trade associations (NAPBS)
  • Have U.S. based representatives
  • Not outsourcing information (outside of the U.S.)

Background screening is a dynamic and fluid industry that requires constant monitoring on both the state level and federal level to make sure that as an employer, you are not in violation of any consumer rights or failing to provide applicants with all necessary release forms and disclosures.

How we keep our clients informed of changing laws on both the federal and state level:

  • New Client Orientation Training
  • Weekly blog updates
  • Monthly Legal Alerts
  • Quarterly webinars

Please view our webinar titled Best Practices for Selecting a Background Screening Company to learn more about how to select the right background screening vendor for your organization.