Driver history is a search that we recommend conducting on all applicants, especially candidates that will be driving during the course of their work. Whether they will be driving their own car or a company vehicle, a motor vehicle or driving history report should be requested. Motor Vehicle Records conducted at the state where the license was issued will reveal moving violations, suspensions, and revocations, failures to appear in court, and arrest warrants. In addition, drug and alcohol related driving offenses, such as convictions for driving under the influence and possession of illegal drugs will also appear on a driver’s history report, which may not be contained in a criminal court record search.

A driver’s history or motor vehicle report (MVR) will also show the license class as well as any restrictions imposed on the driver. The drivers’ history also notes the status of the particular drivers’ license, such as whether it is currently valid or if it has been suspended or permanently revoked. In addition, a drives’ history can be used to identify Points (derogatory points added to a driver’s history for collisions, tickets and reckless behavior issued by the DMV). On a more basic level, this search can also be used to identify the specific type of license granted (such as a commercial license vs. a standard passenger vehicle driving license) and endorsements (motorcycles, hazardous materials, trailers weighing over 10,000 lbs., etc.).


Obtaining a copy of a drivers’ history can also be an excellent way to identify and verify aliases and date of birth information, which can then be used in criminal and civil record searches. Although, many states consider a driver’s history to be a public record, certain states require a release form authorizing the DMV to release the driver’s history to the requesting party. Please inquire for information on the specific state where you would like the driver’s history search performed. The reporting period for this search does depend on current state law.

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