In our changing economy more and more employers are requiring advanced skills, job related experience, and most importantly academic degrees to fill their positions. This is why both education and credential experience are commonly falsified on resumes and job applications. When conducting background checks on higher level applicants, where a degree or a certain certification is considered a qualification, it’s a good idea to verify if in fact they possess that degree or certification they are attesting to. We will verify if a claimed degree was received, as well as the date it was awarded and the major associated with the degree.

We can also verify dates of enrollment and whether or not the applicant is currently working towards earning a degree through various methods (turnaround times vary by institution). In some cases, educational institutions will also report the grade point average (GPA) and any special honors or cum laude distinctions. We can even tell you whether or not the diploma is legitimate and or identify a fictitious institution.

Since employers can run background checks on current employees if they are going to be offering a promotion or pay increase, it’s a good idea to verify their degree or enrollment status based on information provided in their job application/resume (this will also test your applicant’s integrity).

We will contact the educational institution claimed by the applicant and verify with the registrar if in fact a degree was awarded or dates the applicant attended.

Many institutions now outsource their verifications to a third party company which will verify dates and enrollment instantly based on a social security number, date of birth, and full name match. We also have the capabilities of verifying degrees received outside of the United States in 200 countries (prices and turnaround time subject to change).

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