Employment History Verification: Checking Previous Job Titles

employment history verification

Employment history verification is essential to all hiring processes because applicants sometimes exaggerate or falsify employment information on their applications or resumes. This is done to fool prospective employers into thinking they are more than qualified for the job than they really are.

Our organization has specific employment history verification processes and methods that will verify dates of employment and position(s) held directly from the applicant’s previous employers. This process includes reasons for leaving and eligibility for re-hire. We also attempt to get performance evaluations; however, it is in most cases against company policy to comment on an applicant’s job performance even if written consent has been given by the applicant who is the subject of the report.

Some previous employers are difficult to locate or slow to respond; therefore, reports may be delayed because we are at their liberty to respond to requests in a timely manner. Typically, results have a turnaround time of 24 – 72 business hours. In most cases, employers will ask for written authorization from the applicant before they will release any information regarding employment dates and position held.

When we verify employment history, we “go through the front door” and direct our inquiries to the organization’s Human Resources Department. We will locate and contact past employers independent of the information provided by the applicant. This is because employer contact information may be fraudulent and outsourced to companies that provide “fake” employment history verification. In some cases, organizations out-source to third-party verification services that will instantly verify the position(s) held as well as a start date and end date (extra fee is assessed).

Unfortunately, this is something we have no control over. If we are required to go through a third party verification company, we are oftentimes not able to receive all necessary information. We are, however, able to ensure the company is the applicant’s previous employer at the very least.


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