A Federal Criminal History Records Search directly accesses the Federal Crime Repository for each and every Federal District in the United States, in order to identify criminal convictions at the Federal Level, which would include:

  • tax law violations
  • securities and exchange commission violations
  • embezzlement
  • terrorism
  • interstate drug crimes
  • weapons violations
  • mail/wire fraud
  • civil rights violations

Cases filed at the federal level include cases involving crimes that occurred on federal property. A Federal Criminal History Records Search will reveal serious “white-collar” crimes that wouldn’t be identified under a search at the local or county level.

A Federal Criminal Records Search is a vital search and is especially recommended for all high-ranking, financial, executive and managerial positions. Information that will show up in a federal criminal search include filing date, case number, charges offenses, defendant identifiers (name/dob) disposition, disposition date, and sentencing information.

Since federal criminal records are held at the state level more “hits” will be generated if a common name has been searched, this is why it’s imperative that when requesting a federal criminal search a full name including middle name is documented to identify if in fact a “hit” belongs to the subject of the report.

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