Live Scan, or fingerprinting, is a technique used by law enforcement agencies and private organizations to search for any criminal activity nationwide. Information is captured electronically by either fingerprints or palm prints, thereby eliminating the more traditional ink and paper process.

Due to increased requests by both federal and state legislation to utilize fingerprinting for certain industries (i.e. elderly healthcare, childcare, and banking institutions), Employers Choice Screening has partnered with an FBI-authorized channeling agency to provide this service to our clients.

Applicant fingerprints are captured through the use of FBI- certified Live Scan devices. Live Scan operators at our approved nationwide locations manage the collection and submittal of the fingerprint records. Results are returned in 24-48 hours.

Each applicant record (demographic data and fingerprint images) is sent to the FBI as an automated digitized request. Once received by the FBI, applicant fingerprint images are compared against the FBI’s known criminal fingerprint database to determine any criminal activity.

Employers Choice Screening adheres to the following FBI channeling mandate:

  • Obtain contracts with the authorized recipients of background check results
  • Obtain authorization/approval from the FBI
  • Receive non-criminal justice applicant fingerprint submissions
  • Ensure fingerprint submission are properly and adequately completed
  • Electronically forward fingerprint submissions to the FBI’s CJIS Division
  • Receive electronic record check results for dissemination to authorized recipients and/or their approved hiring agencies
  • Comply with the guidelines set forth by the FBI CJIS Division for the security and integrity of criminal history record information (CHRI)

We encourage our clients to take advantage of our new fingerprinting solutions. Contact us today to learn more.

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