Employers Choice Screening new interactive Background Screening Client Orientation training will allow users to successfully navigate through the compliance and regulation issues pertaining to employment background checks. This “First of its kind” training includes instructional videos, quizzes, and successful completion of the course will generate a certificate.

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Employers Choice Screening (EmployersChoiceScreening.com) the premier nationwide provider of employment background services is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of its new Background Screening Client Orientation, aimed at end-users / human resources generalists. Our new client orientation training will provide employers with the necessary knowledge to effectively process and manage their company’s employment background screening process.

As a value added service to Employers Choice Screening clients, this one-hour interactive orientation will enhance client knowledge and awareness in these key areas:

  • Navigate through regulatory compliance in connection to employment background checks
  • Gain knowledge about employment background screening processes
  • Learn the various requirements associated with conducting backgrounds

With the added pressure of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission pursuing companies who are in violation of federal and state discrimination laws, employers must take an active role to effectively screen job applicants. “Employers must ensure a safe and profitable workplace by conducting compliant employment background checks, but must also be thorough and consistent when using such reports to make an employment decision,” says Cody Farzad, Vice President of Employers Choice Screening.

The immediate value of this interactive training is the simplicity of navigating through the course and the overall end-user experience. “We want our clients to be confident when ordering employment background checks, and not to be intimidated by the perceived pitfalls associated with compliance and regulations. That is why this client orientation is vital to employers,” said Mr. Farzad.

This is the beginning of a series of client training modules for our Background Screening University library which is only accessible by Employers Choice Online clients. Here is a snapshot of components discussed in this interactive training:

  • Establishing a Background Screening Policy
  • What you need to know about the FCRA
  • Disclosure & Authorization Process
  • Federal & State regulatory notices
  • Pre-adverse & adverse action process
  • County Level Criminal Records vs. Instant criminal databases
  • Federal criminal searches vs. state level criminal searches
  • Reference “verification” vs. “investigation”
  • Drug screening best practices
  • Social media search liability

The value that this interactive training provides to Employers Choice Online clients is the confidence gained when conducting background checks specific to all positions identified within the organization. This will screen job applicants while limiting exposure to negligent hiring liability.


About Employers Choice Screening
Employers Choice Screening is a global provider of employment background screening and drug testing services, servicing both small and large companies nationwide.  Employers Choice Screening provides legally compliant results that reduce workplace violence, theft, substance abuse and negligent hiring liability. Average turnaround time for a completed report is 24-48 business hours.  Employers Choice Screening’s diverse clientele includes corporations, governmental agencies (federal, state, and county and city), public utilities, law firms, non-profit organizations, and small businesses.

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