Employers Choice Screening is closely monitoring court closures and access restrictions nationwide and has proactively implemented a variety of contingent processes to maintain the level of service that you’ve come to expect. Even with these contingencies in place, you may see a degradation of service in certain regions as government bodies curtail access to government offices and online systems which impact our ability to provide court research services.

In order to apprise our customers of current closures which may affect our court research services, we are updating this page regularly with information on court closures and possible delays. We remain dedicated to providing your business with accurate and timely background check services and appreciate your trust in Employers Choice Screening during these challenging times.

STATUS AS OF May 4, 2022
Court Closures & Delays


DELAYS – District Court is a clerk only search and has been backlogged since Oct of last year.


DELAYS: Court staffing issues are causing delays on searches requiring clerk assistance.

Contra CostaCA04/13/2022N/A

DELAYS: Cases requiring clerk assistance are delayed.

El DoradoCA04/13/2022N/A

DELAYS: Researchers do not have access to a Public Access Terminal (PAT). All searches must be submitted to the clerk for completion. 


DELAYS: Area is now clerk searched as public access by the public has been removed. Searches are submitted to the clerk and results are received from the clerk. With this process, the clerks have become backlogged and are quoting a 3-4 weeks TAT, per name.


DELAYS: Cases Requiring clerk assistance are delayed. Court is open by appointment only and researchers are limited to 6 file pulls per appointment. 


DELAYS: The court has removed DOB from online case mgmt system. Researches must provide a list of only 10 case numbers to the clerk to obtain DOB Verification. 

San DiegoCA  04/07/2022 N/ADELAYS: PAT contains case # only, no DOB or case info. Case number must be given to the clerk to receive DOB confirmation and case details. The clerk will provide info on 3 cases, and then the researcher must get back in line. File pulls for copies are not a viable alternative as the court fees average $100 per case and TAT would not be improved.
Santa Clara CA 04/13/2022N/A DELAYS: Cases requiring clerk assistance are delayed. Researchers are limited to 1 appointment per day for 1 hour. The PAT does not contain DOB. Copies must requested via an order form; researchers are forbidden from approaching the clerk’s counter. The court has restricted its hours to 8:30 – 1:30 M-TH and 8:30 – 12:20 Fridays.

DELAYS: Cases requiring clerk assistance are delayed. Researchers have limited access to the court. DOBs must be verified via docket book and then the file must be pulled by the clerk to obtain DOB.

StanislausCA  02/15/2022N/A DELAYS: The clerk’s office is open only between 8:15 AM – 12:15 PM. There are only 2 clerks at the window accepting a maximum of 5 cases at a time. Searches requiring investigation into possible records are affected.  
Ventura CA 04/13/2022 N/ADELAYS: Appointments are required and are only for 20 minutes; clerk will return any cases that are a name and DOB match. 
Yuba CA 03/24/2022N/A DELAYS: Court staffing issues are causing delays on cases requiring case assistance; there is no DOB on the Public Access Terminal (PAT) 
DekalbGA03/24/2022N/ADELAYS: Court staffing issues are causing delays on searches requiring clerk assistance; impacting court copy requests
GwinnettGA04/07/2022N/ADELAYS: Researches are restricted to one-hour appointments, and files must be ordered for every possible record. 
HallGA03/24/2022N/ADELAYS: Court staffing issues are causing delays on searches requiring clerk assistance; Public Access Terminal (PAT) is missing some case details which require file retrievals. 
GuamGU04/13/2022N/ACourt Staffing issues are causing delays on search results. 
GravesKY03/29/2022August 2022CLOSED DUE TO SEVERE STRUCTURE DAMAGE. The court has announced they will not be installing a public access system in a temporary location while the building is under repair. Estimate is 6 – 7 Months (August, 2022) for the new facility. At this time Appriss can offer a Kentucky Statewide via AOC with a fee of $25.00. Please resubmit as a Kentucky SWC.
ALLMA04/07/2022N/ADELAYS: Court staffing issues are causing delays on searches requiring clerk assistance
ALLMI04/11/2022TBDDELAYS: Due to the Michigan Supreme Court Order (ADM 2020.26) requiring all Michigan courts to redact DOB’s and other ID from the court PAT and the clerk’s computers, there will be delays for individuals with /possible records. UPDATE: a new court order has been issued (MCR 1.109) and courts are now requiring a new process whereby researchers become “registered users” who may have access to DOBs. Appriss MI researchers are registered and all courts are complying with DOB requests. Process is still slow in some counties, and delays should continue to be expected until the process is solidified.
Carson CityNV04/07/2022TBDDELAYS – Staffing Shortages in courts
DouglasNV04/07/2022TBDDELAYS – Staffing Shortages in courts
ElkoNV04/07/2022TBDDELAYS – Staffing Shortages in courts
Lander, Mineral & PershingNV04/07/2022TBDDELAYS – Records were migrated to a new system but with the incorrect case numbers and missing case information. Physical files must be pulled on all records from an offsite location. There is one clerk overseeing this process for all 3 counties. Please expect extensive delays.