Don’t Be a Turkey, Screen your Workforce!

With Thanksgiving arriving this week, employers nationwide are in the swing of seasonal hiring. As we mentioned in our last post, employers have to be vigilant to maintain a safe and productive work environment. To get us in the holiday spirit, let’s take a look at some workplace incidents that we all want to avoid this holiday season! Don’t be a turkey, screen your workforce!

“Forklift Accident Brings Down the Warehouse”

A forklift operator at a Russian Vodka warehouse may have had a bit too much of his own product.


“Pallet Jack Scooter”

Who hasn’t wanted to get away from the feeling of being at work and return to the care-free moments of being a kid on a scooter? Human Resources, that’s who…


“Forklift tips over on Ramp”

Watching a forklift tip over can only be funny when no one is seriously injured, so enjoy this rare example! The video’s poster was even kind enough to point out the two errors made by the operator that could have prevented this accident.


“How to use Pallet Wrap – With a TWIST”

A giant sheet of industrial-strength plastic wrap? Imagine the possibilities!