Employment Verification DOT CompliantDOT compliant

Organizations regulated by the Department of Transportation (DoT) must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule for verification of drug/alcohol from previous employment. Employers Choice Screening’s skillful team of Human Resource professionals has the knowledge and experience with DOT compliant regulations required to facilitate outreach to previous employers.

Our team is able to request previous drug and/or alcohol test or violation history. This will include the new hire’s drug/alcohol violation history and incorporate whether the driver violated the alcohol and controlled substances prohibitions.

The FMCSA requires employers to verify three years of previous employment and clear a drugs and/or alcohol verification on all their prospective drivers.

Verifying a prospective driver’s previous employment can be a long and tedious process that absorbs a lot of time and resources from the employer. Previous employers at times are hard to get a hold of or they are non-responsive to requests for verification. Furthermore, the questions that must be asked and verified have to be specific to the FMCSA requirements (DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 391.) This may potentially cause an employer to not comply since they are unaware of the regulation. Employers Choice Screening helps eliminate the uncertainty of completing verification by implementing consistent research methodologies and processes to guarantee accuracy and efficiency for information provided in each verification order. We save employers time and money by navigating the FMCSA on behalf their behalf to mitigate risk of penalties that may result a violation of federal requirements.