About Us.

Meet the Team.

George Ramos


George brings 35+ years of experience in background screening, compliance training, workplace investigations, and leadership. He has led successful companies and employers in 50 states by assuring system-wide legal corporate investigations, accurate reporting, and compliance training solutions.

In all of the positions George has served, he has led business development, client relations, and marketing efforts to build the companies. He oversees all Employers Choice Screening and Compliance Training Group product strategy, roadmap, development, pricing, and growth initiatives.

Whenever George is not in the office, he likes to build classic cars, spend time with his two daughters and walk his German Shepheard.

Robert Charles Lopez

Operations Manager

Robert serves as the Operations Manager for Employers Choice Screening. Robert has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration with a minor in Business Management and a Master’s in Business Administration. He manages and adjusts daily workflow, procedures, and service offerings to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Robert oversees daily staff productivity and adapts resources and workflow.

His passion outside of work includes: being spontaneous, traveling, trying new foods, and spending time with family.

Jesus Ariel Lopez

Contracts/Operations Manager

Jesus has been employed with ECS for 7+ years and is responsible Jesus’s concentration is in government and large private or public sector contracting opportunities. He has successfully managed and served as the contract manager for all ECS city, state, county, and federal contracts.

Jesus holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration. Jesus brings to Employers Choice Screening more than a decade of purchasing and marketing, e-commerce, operations management, customer service, and sales and business development

For Fun, Jesus likes to spend time with his daughter, watch movies and hang out with friends.

Molly Bueno

Compliance/Operations Manager

Molly been employed with ECS for 7+ years and serves as the Compliance Manager/Operations Manager for Employers Choice Screening. She provides updates to all clients on best practices, compliance updates, law changes, industry trends, and recommendations throughout the contract term. Molly also manages our internal Quality Management system, which reviews all procedures to ensure the best overall service and customer support offerings to all clients.

Loretta Ventura

Accounting Manager

Loretta Ventura serves as the Accounting Manager for Employers Choice Screening she oversees the daily operations of the accounting department, monitoring and analyzing accounting data and produces financial reports or statements. She has over 30+ years of accounting experience.

For Fun Loretta goes for 10 mile walks and loves to read books.

Dannia Cardenas

Records Team Lead

Dannia serves as the Records Team Lead for Employers Choice Screening, overseeing the daily operations, quality control, and timely completion of all record searches within the Records Department. Record searches include all levels of criminal record history, address trace history, credit history, and motor vehicle history.

For Fun, Dannia likes to explore new places, listen to podcasts, go shoe shopping, and spend quality time with friends and family.

Corey Rodriguez 

Verifications Team Lead

Corey serves as the Verifications Team Lead for Employers Choice Screening, overseeing the daily operations, quality control, and timely completion of all verification searches within the Verifications Department. Verification searches include all education, employment, license, and certificate verifications.

For Fun, Corey likes to go to concerts, add to his vinyl collection, and long walks on the beach.