Tip of the Month: Safeguarding Employee Data

From the moment an applicant applies for a position all the way through signing hiring documents and going through onboarding, the employ is collecting sensitive data that must be stored, secured, and if no longer relevant destroyed.  This includes driver’s license numbers, I-9 records, W-4’s, as well as information obtained during a pre-employment background check,…


4 Ways Employers Can Tackle Recreational Marijuana Laws

Illinois is the most recent state to pass legislation legalizing the use of cannabis starting January 1st of 2020. Illinois joins 9 other states along Washington DC in protecting employees from discipline for non-work marijuana use, which would mirror current laws for tobacco and alcohol use “off the clock”. How should employers navigate through these…

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Understanding the 3/2 Rule of Employee Productivity

When you triple the number of employees, you halve their productivity, or adding 10% employees the productivity of each drops by 6.3%. What causes the productivity decrease? Companies sometimes rationally choose to be in high-volume, low-margin markets. But a more possibility is expensive relationship friction, increased internal communications, and labyrinth bureaucracy. I think it is…

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FCRA Compliance with the 7 Year Rule

Regulations for Criminal History Background Screening There are many people currently in distress over the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) 7 year’s criminal history regulations. There seems to be issues on both sides of the fence. Both smaller and larger firms have had a recent history of committing infractions of the FCRA compliance regulations. In…


Hair Follicle Testing Gains Popularity

Transportation companies are now starting to use hair follicle testing as part of their employment drug screening program, as opposed to just the conventional urine test. Industry leaders C.R. England, Gordon Trucking and Roehl Transport are adopting the hair follicle test in hopes of reducing the occurrence of drug-abusing drivers. JB Hunt and Schneider National…


McDonald’s Employee With Past Criminal Record Attacks 2 Customers

A McDonald’s employee allegedly attacked two customers with a metal rod in Greenwich Village, New York. Rayon McIntosh, 31, became furious when two female customers jumped the counter (reason not disclosed in the article…I guess this isn’t important?) at the McDonalds, and then proceeded to pick up a metal rod and began beating the women.…


Background Screening Policy

When Creating Your Company’s New Hire Process From “ban the box” compliance to position specific searches, here are five important items to add to your organization’s background screening policy: Ban the Box Compliance – It is only a matter of time before every employer nationwide must adhere to “ban the box” regulations; be proactive and…

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Employment Background Checks Should Be a “Pay-As-You-Go” Service

Pay-as-you-go Employment Background Checks Most employers decide to implement some form of employment background checks to ensure their applicant is a suitable fit with their organization. First, they must develop an ironclad compliant employment background screening policy that will enable the organization to effectively manage the background screening process. Once the policy is vetted and…