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In today’s business world, it is recommended for all businesses in all industries to conduct comprehensive background checks on their candidates prior to employment to help mitigate risks and stave off any potential problems. However, there are some industries where background screening requirements are of the utmost concern, specifically in situations where government agencies are contracting with employers who will be using independent contractors to provide services and labor on their behalf. All independent contractors/subcontractors need to be screened in order to work with a government agency.  Furthermore, any company that is contracted by the government that needs security clearance must also have its employees and contractors cleared before starting work on any awarded contract. 

Employers Choice Screening can help you vet your contracted/subcontracted candidates or employees and provide any required background check certification forms needed to meet your client’s screening requirements. Below you will find our recommended package options commonly used to meet contractor/subcontractor screening requirements. Please Contact Us when determining if you should conduct background checks on independent contractors and other contingent workers, and our staff can assist you in customizing a screening package option that meets your hiring needs. Employers should consider any legal requirements, client agreements, government contract requirements, and common industry practices when selecting a background check package. 
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Recommended Contractor/Subcontractor Option Packages.