It’s Seasonal Hiring Season! Don’t Let Background Screening Go on Holiday

As the infamous “Black Friday” approaches companies are ramping up for the holiday rush, and this usually means bringing in extra help. Employers should treat any seasonal hire as a regular direct hire to avoid liability and increase their bottom line.

You get what you pay for – accuracy should be the most vital part of your employment background screening process, you want to be able to use the information provided by your vendor in making a well-informed hiring decision. However, if you utilize vendor that offers a very inexpensive solution and isn’t providing accurate data, utilizing that information could cause additional liability.

Time is of the essence – Recognizing that you have to hire a certain amount of people, in a relative short period of time we recommend creating a custom option package for seasonal hires that will yield accurate results in an expedited manner.

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All Applicants are Created Equal – Ensure that you are following the same procedures for a regular hire as you do for a seasonal hire when it comes to taking adverse action based on the findings of the employment screening report. If you are not giving the seasonal hire an opportunity to dispute the information on the report they you are violating the federal rights.

Post Signs “We Conduct Background Checks on Seasonal Hires” – Posting a sign in an area visible to job applicant’s explaining that the company does conduct background checks on all new hires is a simple deterrent for anyone that feels they can set up a company for failure.