Manhattan’s Basketball Coach Questionable Resume

The University of South Florida was in negotiations to hire Manhattan men’s basketball head coach Steve Masiello; however the deal was nixed as soon as South Florida discovered a discrepancy on Masiello’s resume during his pre-hiring background check.

Mr. Masiello’s biography on Manhattan’s website claims that Masiello graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Communications.

However, a spokesman from the University of Kentucky said that although Massillon was enrolled and attended the University of Kentucky from 1996 to 2000, he never received a degree.

The University of South Florida’s hiring policy states that a bachelor’s degree is a requirement for their head basketball coach position. They therefore had to rescind Mr. Masiello’s job offer. Manhattan has now put Mr. Masiello on leave while they are “reviewing his degree status with the University of Kentucky.”

As with the requirements set forth by the University of South Florida, Manhattan’s hiring standards also requires a bachelor’s degree for their head coaching positions.

The discrepancy was found during a background check conducted by a firm retained by the University of South Florida to recruit and hire their next head coach.