Human Resources Goals for 2018.

Top 7 Human Resources Goals for the New Year

1) Updating Employment Background Screening and Drug Testing Policies

Successful employers will always review their business plan on an annual basis and make necessary changes relative to what transpired over the preceding year. One of the most crucial parts of any organization’s business plan is Human Resources, specifically the hiring process. Each year, organizations must be aware of the changes made to the laws, both federally and at the state level. This will determine whether a revision or updating of the hiring policy (specifically background checks) must be adhered to. The employer’s policy is always evolving and should never be static because it is the only document employers may use to deter any claims of discrimination. It allows the business to have a uniform and consistent process when conducting and evaluating background checks. With the increase number of states passing recreational and medical marijuana laws, employers must understand their legal exposure when conducting drug tests as part of the employment background check.

2) Evaluating New Technology to Further Streamline Processes

With a new year comes new technology and innovation for employers to further leverage and improve their operations that will directly affect their bottom line. In some cases, outsourcing certain Human Resources processes (payroll, employment verification, etc.) can free up valuable time that can be focused on more business development and/or marketing. An organization may want to invest in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which enables them to automate their entire on-boarding system. Being able to capture applicant consent during the applicant process will allow for seamless ordering of the employment background checks and minimize data entry errors.

3) Getting Accredited and/or Certified

In 2018, organizations are looking for a “competitive advantage” or “differentiator” that sets them apart from their competitors. In contracts, this is considered an organization’s “best value.” By securing certain business certifications or accreditation from industry associations, an organization is positioning itself to win certain contracts that require a business to have said certifications and/or accreditations. Building credibility is key for an organization to succeed. By demonstrating that your organization proactively has internal procedures in place to secure sensitive information, the chances of securing further contracts will only increase.

4) Increasing Employee Engagement

The data shows that motivated and engaged employees have a direct correlation to the overall success of the business, especially in productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. From recruitment, to vetting, and then on-boarding—what the organization does at every stage is vital to the growth of the business. Are you leveraging social media to find the right culture fit for your organization? Have you surveyed current employees to see what they feel is important to them when it comes to the work environment (i.e. new benefits, modified work schedule, ergonomics, etc.)

5) Compliance, Compliance, and Compliance

With the new year comes new laws and regulations facing employers of all sizes. From state minimum wage laws to federal sick pay, employers must stay on top of employment laws. Some organizations do not have the luxury of having a compliance officer; therefore, it is crucial to understand what the liabilities are in conducting day-to-day operations. Does your organization have the appropriate federal compliance posters? Does your state mandate a sick pay policy? Are you aware of the new “ban-the-box” laws being implemented nationwide? Employers should align themselves with compliant and competent vendors that will help them navigate through a plethora of compliance issues. These questions and many more should be resolved within the first quarter.

6) Revisiting Vendor Relationships or Contracts

It is never a bad idea to reevaluate the relationships you have with your Human Resources vendor and/or data providers. How did they perform last year? Were there any weaknesses or areas for improvement that may prompt a change? Have they revised any agreement or contracts that should be reviewed or negotiated? The major buying factor should be the quality and accuracy of the information provided by the vendor, and how secure they keep sensitive information. There are a various quality certifications that vendors can acquire to demonstrate their internal controls and best practices with services they provide. Additionally, employers may also leverage competitive rates if they have reached certain volume tiers with certain lines of services (background checks, drug testing, medical benefits, payroll, etc.) Lastly, ensure that all agreements or contracts are reviewed for any mention of release of liability and/or waivers by the vendor.

7) Mandated Training

With the recent influx in allegations dealing with sexual harassment and assault, employers must ensure they are training both managers and employees on what sexual harassment is, and a zero tolerance stance on this very important issue. In California, organizations with 50 or more employees must have their managers and supervisors complete two hours of sexual harassment training every two years as per AB 1825. Employers must evaluate their entire training program to include this mandatory sexual harassment training along with other topics that may be crucial to their success (i.e substance abuse, cultural diversity, and inclusion, to list a few). These training are available both on-site and online, which allows employers to track who has taken the training and completed it successfully.

Did you know that Employers Choice Screening has a workplace training vendor?

Compliance Training Group, a division of Employers Choice Online, Inc., is a nationwide leader in mandated employee training. Compliance Training Group has trained thousands of employees for employers of all sizes throughout North America. These Human Resources training programs help reduce the risk and expense caused by unethical, illegal, or irresponsible employee activities in the workplace. Trainings are delivered in the following formats:

  • E-Learning
  • On-site Classroom
  • Train the Trainer
  • Webinar
  • SCORM File

Employers Choice Screening is a leading provider of on-demand applicant background checks, drug screening, electronic Form I-9, and E-Verify solutions. We specialize in serving commercial and government clients. Employers Choice Screening is certified as a participant in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program, is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), and is an active MBE Supplier registered with SCMSDC affiliate council.

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Workplace Violence
One out of every six crimes occurs in the workplace and homicide is the second leading cause of workplace death in the U.S.

Education Falsification
National Credit Verification Service reports that 25% of the MBA degrees it verifies on resumes are false.

72% of shrinkage is due to employee theft.
34% of all job applications contain lies.
30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.