Animal Abuse is a Good Predictor of Future Criminal Behavior.

Another background screening search that we can offer to our clients is The Animal Abuse Registry Search. This registry operates very similarly to a sex offender registry where anyone who is convicted of an animal abuse crime is required to register with the state in which they reside and is listed in this registry. This search is related to pre-employment background checks because individuals who have a history of abusing and/or killing animals have the potential to eventually start targeting humans, including their co-workers. Based on the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, the possible connection between animal abuse and a predilection toward violence coming to mind is inevitable.

In our industry, we try to provide as much useful information as possible to our clients to ensure they are making the best hiring decisions for their organization and workforce. With that being said, we are always searching for innovative new screening ideas to add to our service portfolio. With the emergence of social network monitoring as part of a pre-employment background check, employers are determining suitability for employment based on behavior exhibited by the applicant outside of the workplace.

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Workplace Violence
One out of every six crimes occurs in the workplace and homicide is the second leading cause of workplace death in the U.S.

Education Falsification
National Credit Verification Service reports that 25% of the MBA degrees it verifies on resumes are false.

72% of shrinkage is due to employee theft.
34% of all job applications contain lies.
30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.