early notification of applicant background screening policiesEarly Notification of Applicant Background Screening Policies

Posting signs in your office can be an effective tool for screening applicants before they even fill out a background disclosure form. An early notification of applicant background screening policies sign in your lobby and front office areas that inform applicants of your background screening policies can save time and money during the hiring process. Our hiring managers have experienced situations where applicants have created last minute excuses to cancel their interview, leave, and never return; simply due to the fact that our organization has such signage posted. If an applicant knows that they will not pass a background check, they may view the time and energy required to go through the application process as a waste of time. Employers save time by not having to interviewing such applicants and save money by not needing to process a background check for someone whose background check results would disqualify their candidacy for hiring. As a value-added service, Employers Choice Screening can provide such signage to our clients at their request in both English and Spanish.