The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has released an update version of the form I-9. Pursuant to federal law immigration, employers MUST maintain a compliant properly completed form I-9 for ALL employees hire in the U.S. after November 6, 1986.

The new form which takes effect on January 22, 2017 has added the following updates:

  1. Clarification of the “other names used” field in Section to request only “other last names used” and the numbering of immigration status categories in Section 1;
  1. Additional details regarding the preparer/translator category, including the ability to select multiple preparers/translators;
  1. A designated area to enter additional information that previously needed to be entered as a margin note, such as the auto-extension of an individual’s work-authorized status, where applicable;
  1. A separate page (Page 3) for Section 3 of the Form I-9;
  1. Additional prompts and electronic enhancements, such as drop-down lists and calendars, to facilitate the proper entry of required information.