We constantly stress to our clients and all employers the importance of performing specific searches that need to be conducted on applicants seeking specific positions, such as credit checks on an all applicants applying for positions that involve fiduciary duties.

But certain specific searches should also be conducted based upon the needs for specific industries. For example, employers in the food processing/food preparation industries, home healthcare industry, and education should strongly consider conducting Tuberculosis (TB) testing on all new hires.

Due to the exposure of employees in these industries and the threat presented by Tuberculosis to the consumer, it’s imperative that applicants are tested for it. Screening for Tuberculosis is very simple and affordable. The employee is given a shot (usually in the left forearm) and is asked to return to the medical lab within 72 hours. Lab technicians can then determine whether the applicant has Tuberculosis by measuring the size of the temporary discoloration left from the shot.