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april 2011 issue  
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Introduction From The Editor

This edition of our monthly e-newsletter includes “Background Checks for Dating Websites”, which discusses how dating website will be implementing a mandatory sex offender registry search for all members. This new policy is a response to allegations of rape made by a female member who met a male member on the website and claims she was sexually assaulted by the male member during their second date

Our legal alert covers the Child Safety Pilot Program, which was extended by President Obama in December 2010 and allows any organization that works with children to obtain a free fingerprint background check on potential volunteers.

Finally, our tip of the month focuses on posting signs in the workplace that inform potential applicants that your company conducts background checks on all new hires. This simple tip can save your business money on the costs associated with applicant background screening.

Please forward our e-newsletter to friends and colleagues who may benefit from our published information.


Cody Farzad,
Director of Operations/Editor

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

Recently a lawsuit was filed against an (Internet-based dating service) by a woman claiming she was raped by a man she met through their website. The alleged victim is demanding that...Read More

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

On December 30, 2010 President Obama extended the Child Safety Pilot Program. This program allows organizations that work with children to request fingerprint background checks for all potential volunteers...Read More

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

Posting signs in your office can be an effective tool for screening applicants before they even fill out a background disclosure form. Signs in your lobby and front office areas that notify applicants of your background screening...Read More

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