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What's New?
Recently it was determined that Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo, had “bended the truth” regarding his educational...
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What's New?
Register to attend our CA AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Awareness Training workshop. This training is mandatory for companies. Coming to a city near you: Los Angeles, Sacramento...
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Introduction from the Editor

In this edition of our monthly e-newsletter, we are featuring an article on Scott Thompson. Scott Thompson is the former Yahoo CEO who lied about his educational credentials in order to qualify for the position of Chief Executive Officer. 

Our legal alert will cover three bills the State of California is considering. The bills being proposed to the legislature are in connection to the rehabilitation of ex-convicts. One of the bills will provide ex-convicts with training to gain employment.  The other bill would allow former prisoners with the opportunity to expunge their prior convictions after they have fulfilled their sentencing. 

Finally, our tip of the month will discuss the importance of employers including a disclosure on their website that they conduct backgrounds on all new hires.

Please forward our e-newsletter to friends and colleagues who may benefit from our published information.


Cody Farzad,
Director of Operations/Editor

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

The state of California is considering three bills that would make it easier for ex-convicts to gain employment. The first would allow former prisoners to get their criminal records expunged once they have fulfilled their...Read More

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

With majority of employers having a formal application for interested applicants online to complete, a disclosure stating that the company conducts background screening checks wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Read More

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

Sexual Harassment Awareness Training SATISFIES THE TRAINING ELEMENTS FOR CALIFORNIA AB 1825. Onsite Workshop or Interactive Webinar Exclusively for Supervisors, Managers, Employees & Business Owners. California law requires employers having 50 or more employees which includes....Read More

By Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

Employers Choice Online, Inc to exhibit at the 2012 Professionals in Human Resources Association Annual Conference being held at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 27-29, 2012...Read More

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