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Pre-Employment Assessment Testing

Get to know your applicant's personality, compatibility, and behavioral traits as part of your screening process

Choose from over 200 Pre-Employment Tests or create your own custom Pre-Employment Test

Most Popular Assessments:

 General Cognitive Aptitude Test 

 Mechanical reasoning Aptitude Test

 Personal Style Assessment Test

 Reading Comprehension Test

Test Categories

 Aptitude Tests

 Education Tests

 Healthcare Tests

 Management Tests

 Professional Tests

 Career Development Tests

 Production Associate Tests

 Engineering Tests

 Hospitality Tests

 Manufacturing Tests

 Psychometric Tests

 Construction Tests

 Essential Jobs & Services 

 Youth Tests

 Law Enforcement Tests

 Office & Clerical Tests

 Sales & Marketing Tests

 Domestic Tests 

 General Tests

 Leadership Potential 

 MS Word Proficiency Test

Step 1: 

Find a test that matches your open position. Search by job title or category. You can also build a customized test that can apply to any job position.  

Step 2:

Add your test to your Background Screening Package Option. Prices vary per test, per candidate. 

Step 3:

After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email with your applicant’s username, passcode, and login instructions. Provide your candidate with the username, passcode & instructions for how to begin the test. They’ll log in to the testing site and complete their assessment test. 

Step 4:

Minutes after your candidate completes their test, you’ll get an email with the test results report. Depending on the test taken, the information may include:
– Personality traits
– Aptitude scores
– Strengths
– Developmental concerns
– Suggested interview questions