Manual Employment History Verification

Transportation agencies and employers that do not engage in interstate travel and commerce are not required to report their drivers drug and alcohol testing information to the FMCSA. Instead, they are required to comply with only state laws. In this case, Employers Choice Screening’s skillful team of Human Resource professionals has the knowledge and experience with DOT compliant regulations required to facilitate outreach to previous employers.

FMCSA DAC Report Search

Employers Choice Screening Organizations regulated by the Department of Transportation (DoT) must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rule for verification of drug/alcohol from previous employment. The FMCSA requires employers to verify three years of previous employment and clear a drugs and/or alcohol verification on all their prospective drivers. Businesses regulated by the US DOT must not only report their information to the FMCSA but also assure that they do not hire any drivers with previous violations of the drug and alcohol testing policy requirements.

We offer employers a quick, affordable and efficient solution to search for violations & test results and report to this system.

Our solutions include: 
• Pre-employment, full and limited queries 
• Quickly query the database instead of 
• Batch ordering available!

FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

Under 29 CFR Part 382, motor carriers and those regulated by the US Dept of Transportation are required to report and conduct pre-employment and annual querriers on the subject to