Employers Choice Screening QuickApp.

Employers Choice Screening offers a secure, robust, and effective web-based solution, allowing you to streamline your hiring process by utilizing our advanced business intelligence tools and finding the best configurable workflow to meet your particular needs.

Using is as simple as entering contact information for the applicant to be screened and pressing send! In addition to being secure, efficient, and quick, the QuickApp has three main benefits:

  1. Compliance: The background screening platform sends an authorization form and the required federal and local regulations notifications. These documents are pivotal to keeping the employer compliant and adhere the FCRA requirements.
  2. Cost: Before implementing the QuickApp, end-user clients would need to collect the applicant’s information and provide documents on their letterhead, ensuring they completed the process correctly. Then they would need to send that information back to Employers Choice Screening for review, often requiring a few attempts and delays to ensure everything was compliant. Now client end-users don’t need to worry! Just input the applicant’s name, and the QuickApp takes care of everything
  3. Accuracy: The QuickApp allows applicants to input their personal information directly into our portal. The QuickApp technology eliminates the need to transcribe an applicant’s information on the platform, significantly reducing room for errors in illegible handwriting.
    We’re confident we can meet the employment screening needs of your business.

How to order a background check?

The QuickApp method allows you to send an application link via email/text to the potential candidate to contribute all personally identifiable information for processing.

  1. Enter the position of the candidate if desired (optional). Please get in touch with your account manager if you want additional fields to be added to capture additional information (job code, department, location, etc.)
  2. Enter mandatory fields: First and Last Name of applicant, and email address
  3. Enter a phone number and select the applicant opt-in disclaimer if the applicant wishes to receive the application link via text message (optional)
  4. Enter any order notes you wish our team to see when processing your order (rush order, please get in touch with the applicant for additional information, etc.)
  5. Select send to submit or send and next to enter another applicant.

Our web-based solution provides 24/7 system availability which is ADA Compliant and fully compatible with all web browsers, making it accessible from all desktop, mobile, and smart devices.

10 Benefits of using the QuickApp

  1. Can be customized with your company branding
  2. Access different reports: turnaround time, pending reports, completed report, states applicant resides in, hits ratio
  3. Can attach any documents directly to the platform
  4. Automatic email notification feature
  5. Will inform you of any error or duplicate orders that were placed.
  6. Can place orders at any time
  7. No middle person in the authorization process; it’s necessary and easy to ensure the applicant authorizes the background check to begin the process immediately.
  8. Mobile-compatible background check process
  9. Providing electronic online applicant consent and authorization capabilities, electronic delivery, and acknowledgments of all local, state, and federal notices for FCRA compliance.
  10. Can request information directly from your applicant via text message or email application link, quicker rate, providing faster turn-around times and resulting in the improved accuracy of the information provided, with minimal data entry from your team.

With the Employers Choice Screening QuickApp, end-users save Time and money and get faster results!

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Education Falsification
National Credit Verification Service reports that 25% of the MBA degrees it verifies on resumes are false.

72% of shrinkage is due to employee theft.
34% of all job applications contain lies.
30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.