Identity Searches

Social Security Address Trace + Validation (SSN Trace)

A Social Security Number Address Trace (SSN Trace) is an important discovery and accountability tool used before launching more in-depth screening, such as a state or county criminal records search, and is usually the first step in the Background Screening process. While an SSN Trace will alert you if an SSN is not valid, it cannot confirm the number belongs to that candidate. An SSN Trace informs us whether an SSN is correct, verifies that the candidate-provided information matches the SSN provided (addresses and DOB), provides associated addresses to inform which other states or counties to search, and offers additional candidate names to use for more research (e.g., maiden names, aliases).

To confirm if a Social Security Number belongs to the applicant, you must run a Consent-Based Social Security Verification Search (CBSV) through the Social Security Administration.

Turn-Around Time: Instant

Consent-Based Social Security Verification (CBSV)

The Consent-Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) verifies that your applicant’s name, date of birth, and SSN directly match the official governmental source records of the SSA Master File and Death Index. To maintain a nondiscriminatory hiring process, we recommend that you add the CBSV as part of every applicant’s Background Check, but it’s also possible to run this as an add-on service when the SSN Address Trace + Validation Search returns an error or is not found. CBSV mitigates risk from identity theft and fraud while showing an additional level of due diligence in your hiring process. With CBSV, you’ll know you’re moving ahead with a valid name, SSN, and date of birth because they’ve been verified directly through the Social Security Administration.

Note: CBSV does not verify identity, citizenship, or employment eligibility, nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verification system. CBSV verifications do not satisfy DHS’s I-9 requirements.

Turn-Around Time: 1 business day when a signed consent form is returned by the applicant

I-9 & E-Verify

As part of onboarding a new employee, you must ensure that all the required paperwork is properly completed and submitted. In addition to the various tax, insurance, and internal set-up forms, a crucial part of this early workload is the employee’s employment eligibility verification. We offer an electronic Form I-9 solution and E-Verify solution designed to help make this aspect of your onboarding process as easy as possible.

Turn-Around Time: 1 business day when a signed consent form is returned by the applicant
Set-up fee may apply

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Workplace Violence
One out of every six crimes occurs in the workplace and homicide is the second leading cause of workplace death in the U.S.

Education Falsification
National Credit Verification Service reports that 25% of the MBA degrees it verifies on resumes are false.

72% of shrinkage is due to employee theft.
34% of all job applications contain lies.
30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft.