Proposed Background Checks for DC Employees


Rep. Darrell Issa (Republican – California) introduced a bill on Monday that would institute background checks for Washington DC employees. Due to the increase in “outrageous abuses” in local DC government, Rep. Issa, who also chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, would like to follow the model used at the federal level.



The D.C. Employee Suitability Act (H.R. 3285) will consider applicants “unsuitable” for employment if they have the following in their background check:

  • Misconduct or negligence
  • Criminal or dishonest conduct
  • Drug or alcohol abuse with no sign of rehabilitation
  • Willful engagement in acts of activities designed to overthrow the US Government by force.

The background checks will also affect individuals who apply to so-called “excepted service” in D.C., which are posts such as City Administrator, Director of Campaign Finance, and position with the Mayor’s staff.

This bill comes in response to a recent seven-month investigation conducted by the House Oversight Committee which found “improper payment and promises of employment” made to former D.C. mayoral candidate, Sulaimon Brown, by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray’s office. Read More