Webinar Series

We are the only service provider that hosts informative, educational webinars addressing the latest trends and legal issues affecting background checks for our Clients.Our quarterly series of webinars are designed to help Clients make smart decisions and help them save money.



value-compliant-employment-background-screeningMyths vs. Facts: Relating to Compliant Employment Background Checks

Navigating through compliance and regulations for employment screening can by a pretty daunting task. ….read more.



value-compliant-employment-background-screeningThe Value of Compliant Employment Background Screening

Navigating through compliance and regulations for employment screening can by a pretty daunting task. ….read more.



what-employers-must-know-about-medical-marijuanaWhat Employers Must Know About Medical Marijuana

I’m concerned about my employees who have been prescribed medical marijuana?….read more.




We Received a Criminal Record…Now What?

We received a criminal record, now what? If you have received a criminal result in your background check report, you need to know these things….read more.



getting-back-to-basicsGetting Back to the Basics

This webinar will cover the basic principles that employers must implement and adhere to when conducting employment background screening. Employers of all sizes must ensure their background screening process is permissible and in accordance with the FCRA to avoid liability claims and legal exposure. Are you using the proper disclosure forms, based on your industry and location? Do you know the difference between a database search and a county public records search? Or the actual purpose of a Social Security Address Trace? These questions…read more.



risk-of-doing-social-media-searches-for-pre-employment-purposesRisks of Doing Social Media Searches for Pre-Employment Purposes

Many popular social media websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, and the like allow users to provide a great deal of detail regarding their personal background and lifestyle, including their relationship status (which can thus reference their sexual orientation), their affiliation or prior service with a branch of the military, their religious beliefs, their physical disabilities, and often, their current employer (or status as unemployed)….read more.



best-practices-for-employment-drug-screeningBest Practices for Employment Drug Screening

Substance abuse is at the highest level in nearly a decade. Studies have revealed that 10-20% of workplace accidents are related to drug abuse. The decrease in productivity by intoxicated, absent, and tardy employees represents a significant annual financial loss for employers …read more.



best-practices-for-selecting-a-background-screening-companyBest Practices for Selecting a Background Screening Company
Milford Sound in New ZeIn today’s competitive business environment, employers have many options for background screening. Choosing a qualified vendor is not an easy process. And selecting the wrong vendor can cost your business expensive legal fees and settlement costs for failure to adhere…read more.



top-10-mistakes-employers-make-when-conducting-background-checksTop 10 Mistakes When Conducting Background Checks
Employers often have false senses of security when performing background checks. Did you know the result of a nationwide criminal database search, by itself, is not permissible for employment purposes? Are you sure your background screening vendor is licensed…read more.



employment-background-investigationsEmployment Background Screening Myths vs. Facts
Dangerous people – it’s the rare organization that does not have some. They come in all shapes, colors,sizes, and genders. It is a well-documented fact that at least two out of every five applications contain one major fabrication. What an employer doesn’t know can, and almost…read more.




Criminal Background Screening Policy

U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is an independent federal agency that enforces laws against workplace discrimination and also investigates discrimination complaints involving an individual’s race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation…read more.



what-every-employer-must-know-about-the-fcraWhat every Employer Must Know About the FCRA
The fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a U.S. federal law (codified at 15 U.S.C. § 1681 et seq.) that regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information, including consumer credit information and was passed…read more.



how-employment-applications-affect-background-checksHow Employment Applications Affect Background Checks
Employers should give careful consideration to the questions used in their employment applications, because often the application itself has a direct affect on the outcome of…read more.