Complimentary 1-Hour Webinar: Best Practices for Selecting a Background Screening Company

If your organization has recently decided to start conducting employment background checks, your next step is to select and hire the proper background screening company. In today’s competitive business environment, employers have many options for background screening. Choosing a qualified vendor is not an easy process and selecting the wrong vendor may cost your organization expensive legal fees and settlement costs for failure to adhere to all applicable laws.

Employers should be wary of inexpensive, “instant” online criminal background checks. Many payroll companies and HR consultants have jumped on this bandwagon and as a result of this, they unfortunately do not utilize the necessary forms and procedures to maintain compliance with consumer rights and local, state and federal regulations.

Background screening is a dynamic and fluid industry that requires constant monitoring on both the state level and federal level to ensure that as an employer, you are not in violation of any consumer rights or failing to provide applicants with all necessary release forms and disclosures.

The topics covered in this webinar will provide you with information necessary to make a well-informed decision when selecting a screening vendor:

  1. Compliant with federal and state laws
  2. Compliant disclosure forms, releases, and notices
  3. Secure software for ordering, retrieving, and storing reports
  4. Licensing requirements
  5. Legally compliant results
  6. Affiliations with respected screening trade organizations
  7. Disclaimers regarding database searches

Facilitator: Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad