Complimentary 45-Minute Webinar – Employment Background Screening: “Myths vs. Facts”

Hiring the best Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to perform your pre-employment background investigations ensures the best results. The mistake of not conducting thorough enough background screening will lead you and your organization to make the wrong choice in the hiring process and potentially cost millions of dollars.

Dangerous people – it is the rare for an organization to not have some. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and genders. It is a well-documented fact that at least two out of every five applications contain one major fabrication. What an employer does not know can, and most certainly will, have a tremendous impact on their organization. Employers need to hire capable, honest, and loyal employees.

This presentation will provide a thorough review of the Best Practices for Employment Background Screening. We will address and debunk many of the common myths and facts about conducting background checks. By the end of our presentation, you and your organization will learn how to perform legally-compliant employment background checks under the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Facilitator: Khodadawd “Cody” J. Farzad

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