Background Screening

Background Screening Policy

When Creating Your Company’s New Hire Process From “ban the box” compliance to position specific searches, here are five important items to add to your organization’s background screening policy: Ban the Box Compliance – It is only a matter of time before every employer nationwide must adhere to “ban the box” regulations; be proactive and […]

How Background Screening Policies Eliminate Claims of Discrimination

In preparation of our webinar titled, “Save Big Dollars in Legal Fees & Settlement Costs by Implementing a Criminal Background Screening Policy,” we came across a very well written and informative article titled, “You Wanna Background Check Me? Well, Be Careful Where You Look.” The authors of the article, Cindy Hanson and Kali Wilson Beyah, comment on […]

12 Crucial Components Every Human Resources Professional Must Know About Employment Background Screening

Number 1 – It starts with the Policy! As with any company procedure, a nondiscriminatory background screening policy is mandatory to deter any claims of discrimination brought against the company. The background screening policy will help employers with the following: Reduce claims of discriminatory treatment brought by applicants who have not passed the employment background […]