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Employers Face Challenges with FCRA Lawsuits on the Rise

FCRA lawsuits have steadily risen each year for the past decade. In 2009, less than 1500 cases were filed against employers and/or CRA’s. Last year, over 4000 cases were filed prior to the end of last year. Due to their overall “sweeping” nature, many larger companies use in the processes with less individual care, FCRA […]

Background Screening

Top 4 Trends in Background Screening for 1QT 2019

The first quarter of 2019 is already behind us if you can believe it! I love our industry because it doesn’t stay stagnant, in fact it’s very fluid with laws always changing (sometimes more than just once in a year). This means that as a company we have to stay ahead of the curve to not only navigate these compliance waters with our clients but also maintain strict procedures with state and federal regulators.

Four Reasons for Delayed Background Checks Results

On average, a background screening check should take no longer than 24 – 48 hours to complete; however, depending on the scope or complexity of the actual search, turnaround times could be delayed.   Here are four factors that can contribute to lengthy background screening results: Positive Drug Tests In the event an applicant tests […]

Background Screening

Compliant Criminal Background Checks for Staffing Organizations

Compliant Criminal Background Checks for Employment – Staffing Organizations Staffing organizations have a duty in upholding their clients when it comes to vetting the most competent and qualified candidates. In most cases, staffing firms will conduct a very basic background check for employment on their workforce only if requested by their client. In other cases, […]

Connecticut Jumps on the “Ban the Box” Bandwagon

Connecticut has become the latest state to implement a statewide “ban the box” legislation banning employers from asking job applicants about previous criminal activity “at the onset of the employment process.” The new law titled Public Act No. 16-83, “An Act Concerning Fair Chance Employment,” states that employers may still conduct criminal background checks; however […]

Career Plaintiff Sets Up Employers Who Violate the FCRA

Career Plaintiff or “Professional Applicant Sets Up Employers Who Violate the FCRA  A 33 year old man of Green Bay, Wisconsin is a career plaintiff that has threatened to sue over 46 organizations that had elected to perform an employment background check on him as part of their hiring process. Cory Groshek has applied to […]

12 Crucial Components Every Human Resources Professional Must Know About Employment Background Screening

Number 1 – It starts with the Policy! As with any company procedure, a nondiscriminatory background screening policy is mandatory to deter any claims of discrimination brought against the company. The background screening policy will help employers with the following: Reduce claims of discriminatory treatment brought by applicants who have not passed the employment background […]