Federal Background Screening Contractor Accused of “Dumping” Background Reports

U.S. prosecutors have filed charges against background screening company USIS (U.S. Investigations Services) for allegedly completing background reports without having gone through a quality review process. USIS utilized a computer program to “flush” or “dump” background checks which would label the report as “complete” when in fact no quality review was conducted. This is in […]

USIS Conducting Screening on Navy Yard Shooter

USIS, the federal government contractor who vetted Whistleblower Edward Snowden also screened alleged Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis. In 2007, USIS conducted a background check on Alexis for his secret-level clearance. Due to confidentiality requirements USIS has with the federal government, they are prohibited from disclosing the results of Alexis’ background investigation. USIS was originally […]

Federal Contractor USIS Failed To Conduct Adequate Background Check

Last month US Senator Claire McCaskill announced at a Senate hearing, that government contractor USIS conducted a background check on Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor suspected of treason. In 2011 USIS performed a background investigation on Mr. Snowden for a security clearance; the company is now under criminal investigation for systemic failure to adequately conduct […]