Federal Civil History Record SearchNational Federal Civil History Record Search for Employment

A federal civil history record search is used to identify civil cases filed at federal district courts. Federal civil cases deal with many types of issues including:

  • Anti-trust activity
  • Violations of federal codes
  • Interstate commerce
  • Civil rights issues
  • Land usage
  • Debt collection
  • Federal weapons statutes

A federal civil history record search is highly recommended for screening high caliber job applicants (who may have access to money or merchandise), screening potential health care providers, and business associates. This search will also reveal information regarding breach of contracts, as well as cases involving discrimination and sexual harassment. The results will contain detailed information regarding lawsuits where an individual is seeking compensation, damages, or an injunction at the federal level. Because federal civil record searches are performed at the state level and by name match only, there is a high probability of generating multiple record “hits” matching the name of your subject, especially if the subject has a common name.

As a result, it is recommended that prior to requesting a federal civil record search, the client provide the subject’s full name including their middle name. Federal civil record searches are often overlooked in favor of county level civil searches. This can be a costly choice, as civil cases filed at the federal level sometimes cover areas not covered at local county seat courts. Reported cases will show names of defendant and plaintiff, file date, case number, disposition date, case disposition, type of case, and amount of fines/costs. The reporting period for federal civil cases would depend on the current state law where the record was found such as the reporting period being seven years in California.

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