Applicant Experience

Get your applicants screened quickly and more efficiently

Employers Choice Screening gives your applicants a positive candidate experience through our mobile-optimized application capabilities, extended customer support, and easy-to-use centralized portal.

Our screening solution:

  • allows candidates to complete their screening application from any mobile or electronic device
  • provides daily electronic/text reminder notifications to candidates for incomplete applications
  • provides your applicants with customized instructions on how to complete their application
  • allows applicants to upload supporting or required documentation directly to our secure portal as part of the screening process

Applicant Portal

ECS provides a mobile-friendly Applicant Portal, which makes it easy for applicants to view the status of their background check, access a copy of their completed report, upload supporting documents for review, dispute inaccuracies on their report, and communicate with our team throughout the screening process.

After completion of their Background Screening application, candidates will receive a follow-up notification with login instructions to the Applicant Portal. Applicants can view real-time report status updates, will be electronically notified if clarification or support documents are needed, can upload documents to the system for review, and can communicate with our team directly through the online chat feature.

Applicant Portal