With the consent of the Social Security Number holder, a Consent-Based Social Security verification service can verify if the SSN holder’s name, date of birth, and SSN match SSA’s records. CBSV returns a match verification of “yes” or “no.” If our records show that the SSN holder is deceased, CBSV will return a death indicator.

Consent Based Social Security Number Verification does not verify identity, citizenship, or employment eligibility, nor does it interface with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) verification system. CBSV verifications do not satisfy DHS’s I-9 requirements.

Employers can make smarter hiring decisions by choosing an experienced partner to provide Consent Based SSN verification. Employers Choice Screening offers this service to help mitigate fraud and ID theft that can impact the hiring process. Hiring managers are encouraged to obtain an official government-issued photo identification card before attempting to verify an individual’s identity.

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The CBSV tool does not verify an applicant’s eligibility to work. If you are seeking to verify that a job applicant is eligible to work, click here to learn more about our I-9 and E-Verify services.

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