Sex Offender Registry Search
Note to California Clients

Per CA PC 290.46 (j)(1), an employer may be authorized to use information on the CA Megan's Law sex offender database only to protect a person at risk.

Employers regulated by Penal Code 11105 & 11105.3, Family Code 8808, Financial Code 777.5 and 14409.2, HSC 1522.01 and 1596.871, and Labor Code 4322.7 are authorized to access this information. 

Without authorization under provision of law, use for employment purposes is strictly prohibited (CA PC 290.46 (j)(2)(E)).

Any use of the information in this search for employment purposes without exemption provided by paragraph 1 or in violation of paragraph 2 shall make the user liable for damages not exceeding $25,000 dollars. 

Maintain a safe work environment for customers and employees

A Sex Offender Registry Search is processed through the National Sex Offender Registry Public database and through each state registry. Employers Choice Screening uses identifying data from your applicant to confirm or identify individuals who appear on the registry.

Levels of Service

  • National Sex Offender Registry Search – Searches the sex offender registries of all states and U.S. Territories
  • State Sex Offender Registry Search – Searches the sex offender registry of the applicant’s state of residence

Average Turn-Around Time

Instant – 1 Business Day