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Social Media / Adverse Media Search

Social Media Screening

Pre-Employment Social Media screening is an AI-driven background check service that is based on an applicant’s digital profiles found on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other online public forums. 

Social media screening allows employers the ability to gain a deeper insight into an applicant’s attitude, habits, and behaviors that they would normally learn through a standard background check, driving record, or other traditional background screening methods. When used as part of the recruiting process, this search offers recruiting teams and employers a more complete idea of who the candidate is. Ultimately, helping employers determine if a candidate is a right fit for the organization and their company culture.
ECS provides our clients with comprehensive data, but never at the expense of personal privacy. Our FCRA-certified team leverages a proprietary augmented intelligence platform to review and flag content in four business-related categories:

 Racist, Sexist, or Discriminatory Behavior

 Sexually Explicit Material

 Threats or Acts of Violence 

 Potentially Illegal Activity
Average Turn-Around Time:
 1 – 2 Business Days

Adverse Media Screening

Adverse Media Screening helps employers discover any negative news or information that could be detrimental to an individual, business, or organization. It can include anything from criminal records and financial issues to political scandals and public relations disasters. Adverse media screening can have profound implications, affecting reputation, trustworthiness, and the ability to do business with others.

Adverse media screening can identify potential risks and be integral for regulatory compliance with Anti-Money Laundering regulations.Effective screening can ultimately protect brand image from reputational damage by avoiding partnerships with people who have questionable backgrounds or histories.
Average Turn-Around Time:
 1 – 2 Business Days