Employee Background Check Services

Our company has successfully completed background checks for an array of public and private organizations. We have over eighty (80) percent repeat business and a high rate of referrals.

Our online platform and highly qualified team have been instrumental to a continued tradition of efficiency, promptness, accuracy, and professionalism.

Research Process

Employers Choice Screening has the proven ability to provide employers with employee background check services in 24-72 hours. Our research process is structured to be in compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). We require signed releases from applicants and our quick turnaround time allows employers to obtain public record information regarding an applicant to make well-informed hiring decisions.

We offer employment background screening service option packages that are structured to meet the needs of employers across all industries, regardless of the positon. With qualified investigative resources on the ground nationwide and with a network of research analysts in most states and several countries, we can address your pre-employment background screening needs in just about any area.

Services include:


Identity Development




Substance Abuse Screening-Drug Testing:

DOT Substance Abuse Screening-Drug Testing:

Employment Physicals:

Primary Services in alphabetical order:

Additional Services:

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