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Employers Choice Screening (ECS) is committed to helping employers provide a safe, comfortable work environment for their employees. Through our wide range of employment screening options,  ECS enables you to implement a proactive background screening program that best meets your specific hiring requirements and shows that you, as an employer, have acted responsibly regarding your hiring practices. 

Pre-Employment background screening is a means of promoting a safe work environment, preventing potentially harmful employees from entering your workplace. Our screening solutions help employers obtain applicant-related information that helps employers determine an applicant’s overall employability.

ECS offers a complete screening solution that includes criminal, credit, and driving record history, verification of employment and education history, reference checks, drug testing, and other occupational health screening services that can help you determine an applicant’s ability to efficiently perform their job duties. Our Background Screening Services help mitigate the risk of negligent hiring decisions as well as protect your company’s personnel, property, and assets. 

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