Employment Verification

Verify your applicant's employment history and job-related experience through our Employment Verification service

Verifying employment history as part of your background screening process can be a time-consuming task for most employers. Our ECS Verification team will help you verify an applicant’s employment history to validate that the information provided is accurate, the work experience provided is sufficient to meet your job requirements, and past titles, dates of employment, and job responsibilities are valid.

Employment verification background checks will help verify the following

  • Employment Type: Current/Past Employer (7 or 10-year history option)
  • Title/Position
  • Hire Date / End Date
  • Employment Type: Full-Time / Part-Time / Volunteer / Contractor
  • Reason for Separation
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration/Department of Transportation (FMCSA/DOT) Employment History if applicable for DOT-regulated driving positions

Verification Options

  • verified directly through your applicant’s listed employer
  • verified directly through an authorized agent like The Work Number, Tenstreet, Inverify, Thomas & Company, CCC Verify, Experian Verify, and other third-party data providers
  • verified through supporting documentation provided by your applicant for contractor positions, self-employment, current employment positions, and employers who are not responsive or no longer in business

– a copy of a valid w-2 or 1099 tax form
– a copy of the applicant’s most recent pay stub

Why Are Employment Verification Services Important?

Working with us as your employment verification company gives you peace of mind that you will be making the most informed decisions regarding your workforce. When we conduct an employment history verification, you can be certain that the candidate actually has the skills and experience you need for the position in question. An expertly conducted employment history background check helps prevent embarrassment or liability that results from hiring someone who misrepresents his or her experience and expertise. With our help, you can have all the information you need to choose your next hire with confidence and security.

Average Turn-Around Time

1-3 Business Days based on the responsiveness of the contacted source