International Background 


Through international screening, you can ensure that your candidates currently out of the US or with previous overseas experience are the perfect fit. 

Ensure Workplace Safety

International Background Checks Key to a Comprehensive Screening Plan 

A thorough background check process exists for overseas applicants and those with previous overseas history is just as crucial as screening candidates in the US. An international background check helps to:
  • Ensure the safety of your business with criminal history results
  • Confirm your applicant’s experience with employment verification & references
  • Verify your candidate’s education qualifications and equivalencies  

Trust & Verify

250+ Countries Available

What You Can Find in an International Background Check

With an international background screening plan, you will be able to screen applicants who are currently living outside of the US along with candidates who have previously lived, studied, or worked in another country. With an international background check, your organization can learn about:

Criminal Record History

Learn more information regarding potential criminal records abroad

Employment History Verification

Verify the employment history an applicant lists while overseas

 Education Credential Verification

Verify international credentials provided by an applicant

  • Fees and ETA vary by country and municipality
  • For more information about adding international screening options to your screening plan, please contact sales