Foreign Nationals Terrorist Sanctions List Search (OFAC / CLFST & OSFI)

A Foreign Nationals Terrorist Sanctions List Search (OFAC/ CLFST & OSFI) or “Prohibited Parties Check” helps identify individuals whom are not allowed to do business in the U.S. or deemed to be a threat by the Federal government. 

The search reveals: 

  • Any applicants found in lists of persons or entities forbidden to work or do business in the United States. 
  • Entities (businesses or persons) requiring specific licensing requirements because of 
  • Individuals found in known terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and those engaged with weapon distribution. 

A Deeper Look

The most notable sanctions database is regulated by the Office of Foreign Assets Control or “OFAC”.  OFAC administers a number of U.S. economic sanctions and embargoes that target geographic regions and governments. Some programs are comprehensive in nature, block the government, and include broad-based trade restrictions, while others target specific individuals and entities.

The OFAC’s Sanctions List Search looks for potential matches on the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List and on its Consolidated Sanctions List. This consolidated list includes the Non-SDN, Palestinian Legislative Council List “NS-PLC List,” the Part 561 List, the Non-SDN Iran Sanctions Act List “NS-ISA List,” the Foreign Sanctions Evaders List “FSE List,” the Sectoral Sanctions Identifications List “SSI List,” and the List of Persons Identified as Blocked Solely Pursuant to Executive Order 13599 “the 13599 List.”