Professional Verification Services

Verify Work History

Employment History Verification

By verifying work history, employers can be assured that a job applicant’s previous experience matches what may be claimed on a resume. 

Verify DOT Compliance

FMCSA Drug & Alcohol History

Beginning in January 2023, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that all employers provide their employees’ drug and alcohol safety testing information and results in a fully accessible database. Our team can be certified agents for your organization; efficiently managing your process. 

Verify Qualifications

Professional License & 

Certificate Verification

Some positions may require specialized knowledge and training that goes beyond a general degree or work experience itself. By verifying a job applicant’s credentials, your team can be assured of their qualifications for the exact work required for the open position. 

Verify Work History

Military / Selective Service Verification

Verify if your male job applicants are currently registered within the selective service database, ensuring their work eligibility. 

Verify Driving Work History

DOT Employment Verification

Driving positions and industries regulated by the US Dept of Transportation (DOT) may have requirements for drug and alcohol safety testing. Keeping records of an employee’s safety compliance may be required by your industry. 

Verify Knowledge

Education Verification

Verifying a job applicant’s education credentials is essential in assuring they meet the requirements for a specific position. Our team reaches out to educational institutions, small and large, to determine the credibility of an applicants credentials. 

Verify Work History

Reference Checks

Going beyond verifying dates of employment and job title, a reference check is used by employers to determine the overall work performance of the job applicant by briefly interviewing their previous management or coworkers.